Mike's Daily Comment

Massive Decline in Our Net Worth and No One Seems To Care

The vast majority of us couldn’t do anything to reduce our net worth by tens…even hundreds of thousands of dollars but it just happened. And it was government’s stated plan all along.

The Taxpayer’s Best Friend Has Just Passed Away

Federal Auditor General, Michael Ferguson continually identified wasteful, inefficient spending but was fought tooth and nail in an attempt to make meaningful changes to the way our money is spent by all three federal parties and public sector unions. He will be sorely missed.

Complete Show – Feb 2nd

All Star Analysts Discuss Major Change Impacting Stocks

Live from the sold-out World Outlook Conference – an all star list of analysts discuss the major change in Federal Reserve policy and the impact on stocks. Plus Paul Beatty on the next leg of the marijuana boom. Mike asks – does hypocrisy by high profile climate activists matter.

Speaker Line-Up for WOFC 2019

Not too late to get a ticket for the 30th annual Conference this Friday and Saturday. Can’t attend? Subscribe to the archive video.

The US Group Behind The Anti-Pipeline Campaign Tries to Cover Their Tracks

For years San Francisco’s Corporate Ethics, creator and financial backer of the anti-pipeline campaign proudly stated on their website their goal was to landlock Alberta oil in order to prevent it from getting world prices. But then last week  the CBC ran an expose entitled the The American Money Behind The Anti-Pipeline Fight and presto they erased any mention on their website.

Complete Show – Jan 26th

Mike talks about the clash between pipeline opponents and First Nations who see the Coastal Gaslink and Kinder Morgan as a generational opportunity to alleviate poverty on reserves. Ozzie Jurock drops by with the verdict as to whether it’s better to rent or own and a deserving goofy award.