Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Feb 16th

Mike talks about the shocking and unworkable details of the Democrats’ Green New Deal while heavyweight investment managers provides a fascinating view of what’s next for the investment markets. Plus in the quote of the week, self described socialist, Senator Bernie Saunders boasts about fringe and radical going mainstream. No kidding.

Nothing could stop entrepreneur and adventurer Robert Zurrer, not even kidney disease

From the Globe & Mail

Robert Charles Gunning Zurrer: Daredevil. Adventurer. Iconoclast. Entrepreneur. Born Sept. 25, 1953, in Toronto; died Aug. 19, 2018, in White Rock, B.C., of antibiotic resistant infection; aged 64. Rob was the editor or MoneyTalks.net from 2008 until his passing.

Rob was fearless, always willing to try anything reckless repeatedly. He indulged in high-risk passions such as car racing, hang gliding, bull riding and motorcycling, along with the more conventional risky sports of downhill and water skiing. His daredevil nature formed the background of his ability and chutzpah to identify opportunities for businesses and, years later, gave him the confidence to have his malfunctioning kidney replaced in Pakistan. CLICK for the complete article

Would Canada Be Better if Climate Change Resulted in Warmer or Colder Temperatures

We’re now getting told that climate change is creating colder…and warmer temperatures, which begs the question would Canada be better off with colder or warmer temperatures. A study by economists at Stanford and Berkley has the answer.

Democratic Party Darling Gets An “F”

Stupidity, superficiality and impracticality are not against the law but if they were, the media’s favourite Democrat, self avowed socialist, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would be serving 20 to life for the incomprehensible drivel in her Green New Deal.

Sneak Peak – 2019 World Outlook Financial Conference

To order your subscription to the 2019 World Outlook Financial Conference High-Def video archive CLICK HERE.

Killing Demand Was Never Going To Solve The Housing Problem

Have the majority of us clued into the fact that when it comes to affordability in Vancouver or revitalizing Edmonton and Calgary government is the biggest problem.  Zoning regulations, permit delays, fees, levies and taxes all contribute to cost increases while the stress test prevents buyers from entering the market.