Mike's Spotlight

LIVE WEBINAR – Thriving Through Economic Turbulence: 3 Real Estate Strategies

Justin Smith and the team at Hawkeye Wealth made this presentation as part of the 2019 World Outlook Financial Conference on Feb 1st & 2nd. They have been kind enough to offer it to our entire audience by way of a live webinar at 7pm on Wednesday, Feb. 27th. Registration is limited to the first 500 so don’t delay! CLICK HERE to reserve your space.

The presentation introduces three of their favourite real estate strategies to help investors navigate the obstacles facing us in 2019, including:

  • Increased government interference and regulation in the real estate sector
  • Slow growth in the Canadian and Global economy
  • High levels of inflation
  • Rising interest rate environments in Canada and US

Everyone In BC Gets A Tax Increase…But Few Seem To Notice

So long to the revenue neutral carbon tax – no more offsetting reductions in individuals and business income tax.   The BC Budget estimates that the government will take in a net $1.441 billion from individuals and businesses. That’s just the start – a billion more dollars out of the economy by 2021 – and according the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change that’s not nearly enough.

Even in the Climate Change Crowd There’s Big Disagreement on How Best To Reduce Emissions

In the last decade Germany spent $580 million US on renewables and got zero reduction in emissions and double the cost for electricity.  Forget the nonsense about a “climate consensus” there is a major rift among advocates and scientists as to the role of nuclear vs renewables.

A Big Deal but Few Seem To Have Noticed

While virtually all the focus is on Donald Trump’s assault on the Republican Party, the Democrats old guard is being taken down by socialists like Bernie Saunders, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The old guard is gone giving way to a more radical, confrontational style for both parties – that doesn’t seek compromise or collaboration.

They Cost You Tens of Billions But Is It Ever a Good Deal?

Corporations, unions, and other special interest always want special tax deals and/or subsidies to create or protect jobs – but are the photo ops and ribbon cutting ceremonies ever a good deal for taxpayers?

Amazon Opponents Celebrate Loss of 25,000 jobs and $2.5B Development

Despite massive support, Amazon has decided to pull it’s much coveted 2nd headquarters project out of New York in response to opposition by the anti-business left.  The poverty advocates are furious because of the loss of jobs that were targeting unskilled and semi-skilled workers.