Mike's Daily Comment

Just Asking ‘Cuz Virtually No One Else Is

Is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies for electric cars the most cost effective way to reduce emissions once the emissions during the manufacturing of electric vehicles vs traditional cars is into account – as well as the emissions from the power source of the electricity used and battery disposal?

Making A Monster Bet On The Future Of Oil

The world’s biggest company, Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia just issued $12 billion US in bonds – which left $88 billion in order unfilled.  But the big story is what the offering tells us about the future price of oil.

Government Agency Forecast Another 12,500 Jobs Lost in Oil Sector

Given the Fed’s concern over the supposed 9,000 jobs losses if SNC Lavalin is criminally convicted – do you think they’re 35% more concerned with the 12,500 jobs their own agency projects?

Still Don’t Get It On The Carbon Tax on Gasoline

There’s a good reason why BC’s carbon tax on gasoline feels a heck of a lot worse for BC consumers than Alberta’s carbon tax does for its drivers.

More Climate Change BS…Does It Ever Stop

We’re told that climate change is an immediate danger but when gasoline prices rise, which discourages driving and reduces emissions – we get some climate change advocates talking about government taking action to lower prices.

Goofy Award – They’re Doing Politics Differently …Yeah, Right

The Liberal’s self inflicted SNC Lavalin scandal just keeps on going and through it all we discover two politicians who are actually “doing politics differently.”  The others…not so much.