Mike's Daily Comment

If We Did This We Could Boost Economic Growth by As Much As $130 Billion Per Year

And it won’t cost taxpayers a cent. All it requires is putting individuals and businesses in Canada ahead of special interests being protected by provincial trade barriers.

Missing the Point on Pipeline Opposition

Will pipeline opposition ever end? Not likely considering the millions being spent to keep Alberta oil landlocked.

Pipeline Opponents Can No Longer Ignore First Nations Who Support Trans Mountain

The fact that the vast majority of First Nations impacted directly by the Trans Mountain expansion was incredibly inconvenient for opponents like the NDP, Green Party and a variety of other self described progressive groups – so they pretended they didn’t exist. But they do – and now they want to buy a majority stake in the project.

Political and Economic Uncertainty in Europe Impacts Us

With the political uncertainties, sovereign debt crisis and banking problems the next seven months are going to be terrible for Europe but how will it all affect our finances.

These People Are More Than Clueless

They don’t understand a basic premise of increasing condo and townhouse supply.  These projects can’t get construction loans without presales. Some in the media, government and public think that a crash in presales is good news on the affordable housing front.  Clueless.

Complete Show – July 6th

Mike asks is it government’s job to put people out of business because that’s what’s happening.  Eric Coffin talks about what’s next for gold while Ozzie discusses the fall-out from the crash of pre-sale condo units. Hint: it’s bad news for affordable housing.