Mike's Daily Comment

Let’s Try Something That’s Never Worked

“Hey, let’s go negative interest rates, raise taxes and increase regulations – look how it worked out in Europe. And while we’re at it, let’s give ourselves a raise.”

This is Flat Out Absurd

Climate Activist:  “we need businesses to invest hundreds of billions for renewable energy and it’s infrastructure. So let’s increase taxes on business and investment.”

Debt, Debt and More Debt

Canadians are more prudent about their individual debt levels than the government is about its debt build-up – let’s see how that work’s out.

Complete Show – January 9th

Do we dare say, it’s not all about Trump…yes, we do. Federal Reserve insider, Dr Michael Berry on the pitfalls and opportunities in creating trillions of dollars. Plus the latest on real estate and a goofy for our times.

They Are So Confused

Politicians promise big infrastructure spending while climate activists want renewables and electric cars but it doesn’t look like they have any idea of the impact on resource demand.

Missing the Big Picture on US Protests

Yesterday’s protests in Washington weren’t the beginning but more importantly they’re not even close to the end.
(Photo: BBC News)