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Guaranteed Basic Income Sounds Great to Some

Only problem is that no one – including a just released study commissioned by the BC NDP – says in practice, it’s not a good idea.

Amazon Joins The Censorship Police

Interesting that they don’t find Hitler’s Mein Kampf or Mao Tse-Tung’s Little Red Book offensive but question the social justice narrative and you’re banned.

Complete Show – Feb 27th

Mike talks about the blatant anti-human, anti-intellectual attitude that’s gripping society.  Neil McIver on what every investor should do NOW. Don Vialoux drops by to tell us what history says is coming next in the markets. And the most important shocking stat in finance today.

Beating the Market in 2021 & What Institutions Know That You Don’t

Neil McIver of McIver Capital Management joins Michael on the show to share that we are at an inflection point that requires investors to urgently re-balance their portfolios. This was one of the themes in Neil’s 2021 World Outlook Financial Conference workshop – Beating the Market in 2021 & What Institutions Know That You Don’t. This workshop is the #1 most watched presentation from the Conference.

As a special bonus for our MoneyTalks audience we’re able to offer you free access to Neil’s full video presentation. CLICK to Access

You Think Rising Rates Don’t Matter?

Think again. That interest on the $100 billion stimulus package they talked about in November would now cost $873 million more in interest per year.

Interest Rates Have Been Rising…Significantly

Record low borrowing rates have impacted housing, stock prices and deficit financing. Government borrowing costs a lot more today than borrowing just a few months ago.