Mike's Daily Comment

Time To Tell Us Why

Bars are open but religious services close – don’t travel, even within the province but it’s okay for literally thousands of people flying into Canada from countries with serious outbreaks etc. etc. etc.

Better Start Asking Questions

If you want to join the Great Reset and eliminate poverty and inequality – how about a head start with the government taking half your assets.

Entire Show – Nov 21st

Mike looks at whether “The Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory as some suggest. Top analyst, James Thorne on why the next 4-6 weeks will be written about for centuries. Plus don’t miss the most shocking statement by the head of a central bank we’ve ever heard in our Quote of the Week.

Who Are They Kidding

There are big-time consequences to the massive buildup in federal and provincial debt. The key is to prepare yourself for them. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Unlike Many in the Commentariat, I Don’t Have a Medical Degree

So I’ll follow the guidelines of the Provincial health officers. It’s the cheapest way to keep the economy open and avoid the devastation of a full lockdown.

Parliamentary Budget Office Raises the Alarm

Not even the PBO is getting updates on federal borrowing and spending. Neither is the Auditor General. In fact, no one is – that’s not good news for taxpayers.