Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Nov 16th

Mike asks is it government’s job to force businesses to close. Don Vialoux drops by to tells us which stocks will be bargains in the next month while Ozzie let us know where we can buy a house for $1 – that’s right a $1 house.

One Expert Says Climate Change is Making Us Stupid

Yikes – that’s a break from the orthodoxy coming from an academic concerned about science and climate change but he has a point. Bad analysis produces bad solutions.

BC Forest Industry in Trouble

Members of the urban commentariat have called Alberta’s demands for constructive government action in the oil industry whining. Will they say the same about BC’s Forest Industry which is demanding government action in response to mill closures and thousands of lay-offs?

This is the Very Definition of Insanity

The same formula for decades – governments spend more money and wait lists for medical treatment keep growing. And it doesn’t bother defenders of the status quo one bit – no matter how many people suffer.

How Did This Happen?

Seven out of ten millennials say they support socialism. Nearly 20% think the Communist Manifesto is better than the Declaration of Independence – 15% long for the former Soviet Union.

If We Want to Honour our Veterans

And current members of the Canadian Forces we should ask what the heck are our universities, some businesses and politicians are doing about being in bed with the world’s dominant totalitarian state – China despite warnings from CSIS.