Mike's Daily Comment

The High Cost of Ideology

Do you remember earlier this year when Amazon was chased out of New York by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and friends? Those jobs and government revenue would look awfully good now.

The Worst Policy of the Pandemic

At a time with record lay-offs, some businesses are unable to pay rent during the sharpest economic contraction in history – the BC NDP says they can’t delay raising the cost of rehiring laid off workers.

Full Show – May 30th

Mike shines a spotlight on how little we expect from our leaders. You’ll love ace analyst Peter Grandich, who has been on a terrific hot streak with his bull to bear timing. Ozzie weigh in on the question of whether you should sell, rent and then buy back in at lower prices.

Standing Up to China Comes At A Cost

That the Feds aren’t willing to pay. Standing up for principles like freedom, democracy and human rights always does but we’re already paying a price for kowtowing to the Communists.

OMG, Are We Daring to Ask Some Uncomfortable COVID Questions

Borders still not closed. MPs vote a raise and then take the summer off. And the economic devastation isn’t because of COVID – it’s because of the policy choice we made to fight the spread.

What a Dismal Display of Leadership

While millions of Canadians push to reopen the economy and get back to work – not our federal politicians where the lack of leadership in Ottawa hits a new low as they work hard to get the whole summer off.