Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – September 19th

Mike asks a question regarding the COVID lockdown that will make some people very uncomfortable. Plus BT Global fund is up 30% this year, strategist Paul Beatty shares where they’re putting their money now. And don’t miss the most interesting Shocking Stat of the year.

We Charity Fallout is Far Deeper Than Most Realize

It isn’t just a political scandal featuring a breathtaking lack of due diligence and questionable accounting. It also hurt the entire charity sector and the people it helps.

Taxing Your Primary Residence is a Hot Topic

They’re talking about it again in Ottawa.  And it’s not as if governments don’t already soak home owners in a myriad of ways. (Photo by Getty Images)

Is the Economic Downturn An Emergency or Not?

Judging by our politicians penchant for using the pandemic as an excuse to jump on their familiar policy hobby horses – the answer is “not.” And that will hurt us all.

Way More Questions Than Answers

What happens next seems to be the big uncertainty – especially with some provinces already backtracking aspects of reopening the economy. It’s already got the Bank of Canada worried.

You Won’t Believe These Quotes

You’d think they were made this week given how relevant they are – but shocking given many are over 100 years old – written by one of modern history’s greatest social commentators – HL Mencken.