Mike's Daily Comment

Public Servants are Concerned

Programs are announced – and THEN goals, measurements and how they are going to be carried out are figured out. Big announcements with nothing behind them in terms of execution.

Billions of Goods Made With Slave or Child Labour are Sold in Canada

If you found out your iPhone or Adidas or Tommy Hilfiger were made by slave labour would you care? So far the government doesn’t but do you?

New Testimony about the Governments Pandemic Preparedness is Infuriating

Let’s start with the fact that bureaucrats replaced medical professionals at Public Health Canada, but there’s more. Hint: we didn’t have a chance.

Officials Admit to Withholding Covid Data

We were clearly not “all in this together” when it comes to information but no sign they understand the cost in terms of confidence in the government response.

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Do You Believe Them?

When the budget forecast see no significant economic or financial disruption in the foreseeable future. Ontario, BC and Alberta are already seeing further problems due to the 3rd wave.