Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Oct 23rd Episode of MoneyTalks

Get the poison pens ready for Mike’s editorial on COP26. Kyle Green on mortgage moves as rates rise. Keystone’s Aaron Dunn recommends 3 stocks. Note: his top recommendation from his last appearance in Feb is up 51%. Plus two central bankers on why you should be worried about inflation, and the ugliest secret in Canadian business in the Goofy.

Coming Up on Tomorrow’s Show

We’re diving into the implications of interest rate hikes – to your mortgage, your portfolio and the economy. One report from Scotiabank projects EIGHT hikes in the next two years. Plus some ideas for income and dividend stocks from Aaron Dunn – also likely to be impacted by rising rates. A Goofy, a wild Shocking Stat and much more. All starting right here at 8:30am pacific Saturday Oct 23rd.

Oct 16th Episode of MoneyTalks

What “rights” specifically does the Charter guarantee? Plus the Build Back Better crowd wants to “reimagine capitalism” despite failing to anticipate every major financial and economic trend in the last decade. Ace stock trader and teacher, Tyler Bollhorn what every one of us can do to cash in on the market action. Plus lots of real estate with Ozzie and Hawkeye Wealth’s Justin Smith.

Coming Up On This Week’s Show

The pandemic has brought the question of “rights” to the fore, along with issues of free speech or access to timely health care. Legal expert Rob Grant joins Michael to clarify what rights Canadian actually enjoy. Plus stock trading ideas from master educator Tyler Bollhorn, insights into real estate investment opportunities with Justin Smith and much, much more. All right here starting at 8:30am pacific time on Saturday Oct 16th.

We’re On! Entire Show – Oct 9th

Nat gas rose 40% in one night – yeah…one night but that’s not the story. Josef Schachter on why long term energy prices from coal to oil look higher. And what to make of Facebook’s wicked week with Blake Corbett – plus a pandemic quote of the week and a goofy that will have the climate crowd seeing red.