Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

May 21st Episode

Big government costs and Mike talks about the latest tax to pay for it. Canada’s refinery problem is the driver of record gas and diesel prices – and there is no end in sight. Ozzie talks about Xi Jinping’s latest edict that could spell big trouble for Canadian real estate. The Goofy Award will have taxpayers humming Money for Nothing.

May 14th Episode

Mike wonders why some politicians have learned nothing from the current energy crisis. True North News founder Candice Malcolm on the new divisions in Canada. Plus Inflation at 6.7% – Ozzie says it’s not even close if we’re talking rents. And the Goofy Award features the final blow to the government’s narrative on invoking the Emergencies Act.

May 7th Episode

Vision Capital’s real estate fund has never had a down year. You’ll know why after listening to Jeff Olin. Plus is central bank gold buying a big deal? Top analyst Martin Murenbeeld weighs in. The US borrows from Orwell’s 1984 to create its own version of “The Ministry of Truth” in this week’s goofy.

April 30th Episode

Oh no – they’re after the tax exemption on your home again. The quote of the week confirms our greatest fears about how key financial decisions are made. The goofy features the latest on the trifecta of false stories about the Truckers Convoy. Big Picture Trading’s Patrick Ceresna puts two more essential tools in the box to protect your investments.

April 23rd Show Now Available

Some big name stock prices have been cut in half! Top trader, Tyler Bollhorn, tells you how to know whether to buy or run for cover. Jason Weber makes the case for silver, the shocking stat reveals what keeps Mike up at night, and you won’t hear this quote by a famed epidemiologist on COVID anywhere else!