Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

September 30th Episode

The always controversial Martin Armstrong is called upon by governments, central banks, pensions, and sovereign wealth funds. His model’s track record is brilliant. Consider that in September 2019, on MoneyTalks, he warned of a major economic and financial disruption beginning in January 2020 – with a market decline cascading in the last week of February and a March 2020 bottom. It all happened on schedule. Plus, Andrew Ruhland on how to adapt your portfolio to the current market environment, a truly shocking stat and more.

September 23rd Episode

The feds are reading the polls; people are frustrated and angry about high grocery prices, so a meeting was called. Sylvain Charlebois was there and gives us the inside scoop. Jeff Olin says the stock market’s decline has created opportunities to get the best REITs at big discounts. And a Shocking Stat on the fed’s EI about-face. Your paycheque is shrinking.

September 16th Episode

Josef Schachter shares his analysis on why the energy super cycle is still in play but maybe due for a pause. Ozzie worries that record rents and lack of supply could be the catalyst for horrendous housing policies. Plus, the latest climate farce in the Shocking Stat.

September 9th Episode

The Financial Times asks, “why isn’t Canada an economic giant?” Mike gives the answer. Superstar analyst, Doomberg on climate myths and unrealistic goals. Plurilock’s Ian Paterson on the new cyber security challenges posed by ChatGPT. Plus, even the most cynical will be shocked by the latest waste of tax dollars.

September 2nd Episode

Environmentalist Brian Gitt on what activists aren’t telling you about the EV/renewables agenda. The feds failed to count one million newcomers; Mike talks to Ozzie about the impact on housing. And a new poll on the drop in confidence in government, the media, and celebrities in this week’s Shocking Stat.