Mike's Daily Comment

You Gotta Love Those “Buzz Words”

Most Canadians think bridges, roads, sewers etc. when it comes to infrastructure spending but that misses all the political good parts of the story…well, not for taxpayers.

Complete Show – Nov 30th

Many don’t care that the carbon tax isn’t revenue neutral.  Mike talks about why you will soon. Michael and Ozzie talk about Amazon and the impact on Vancouver real estate.  And the size of the federal government will shock you.  It should, after all you’re paying for it.

The Superficiality Of “Affordable” Deficits

Why, when it comes to government taxes and debt do I think of the old expression “there’s never only one cockroach.” Maybe that’s because there’s never only one level of government that wants our money.

It’s A Straightforward Question

Why is it that when it comes to government services we don’t ask how much. In Vancouver the good news is that a transit strike has been averted but few seem to care where the money’s going to come from.

Governments’ Appetite For Money Hurts Affordability

At some point the shoe will drop for those concerned about affordable housing that government is the problem, not the solution. A 9.3% increase in property tax and utilities for home owners just might do that.

Time To Stand Up and Be Counted

When it comes to business groups and economists, quiet talk amongst themselves making the link between investment to future prosperity isn’t near enough in the face of mainstream political parties pushing anti-investment policies that will crush our competitiveness along with economic growth.