Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Aug 31st

Chalk one up for union members – not the leaders.  Peter Grandich says what’s next in gold.  And the Amazon nonsense from Climate Alarmists.

Michael Levy: Political and Business Bed Fellows

If the NDP were to go to the polls today they’d probably win with a landslide victory due to both having their cake and it eating too.

World Oxygen Impact of Amazon Fires is Zero

With apologies to scientific heavyweights like Madonna and Leonardo Dicaprio – but the claim that the Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen is in the words of senior environmental scientist, Dr Daniel Nepstad, “Bull Shit.”

Now I’ve Ruined It

I was thinking about buying an electric car but then I found out that the carbon footprint from manufacturing electric cars is more than double traditional gas powered ones.

Hall of Fame Sweetheart Deal

The BC government says only NDP union friendly construction firms can bid on government infrastructure projects, which will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars extra but that’s not the strangest, most outrageous part of the deal.

Of course that was before he entered politics. Consider that the majority of Canadians would have to invest $55,000 per year to match the average pension for federal employees.