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Why Do We Let Economic Illiterates Dominate Debate

We simply can’t afford them any longer. The key to recovery in so many areas is predicated on a strong economic recovery. Without it social programs, jobs and charities are in jeopardy.

Short List for Most Disturbing Stat

The Communist Party of China is embedded in organizations, institutions and businesses throughout the West, which should remind us there are lots of ways to win a war.

Time for Answers on China

At some point we’re going to have to answer how many more hostages, human rights abuses and misleading statements about COVID before we say enough is enough?

Complete Show – Jan 2nd

Mike starts the year with a recommendation for what you can do personally to help bridge the growing divisions in Canada. Tim Cestnick tells us how to save on our taxes if you worked from home during the pandemic. And don’t miss the goofy award.

Webinar – The Great Reset, Viruses & Gov’t Debt

We still have a virus causing panic, $400 billion of new debt and a Reset that’s real despite how Mainstream Media discredits those who dare question its existence. All are dynamics requiring investors to be nimble. Topics include:

  • Challenges & Opportunities ahead in 2021 and beyond
  • Strategies to protect capital and seize opportunities
  • Building balanced portfolios for stable, long-term returns without relying on bonds
  • How IWM managers are positioning portfolios for 2021

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From Mike and the entire MoneyTalks team – wishing you the best for 2021.