Mike's Daily Comment

The Financial Story In Our Lifetime

As you know – events are moving fast, which has prompted us to raise one financial story from the story of the year – to the story of the last 12 years and now the most important story in our lifetime.

Can We Afford A Deficit of $50 Billion or More

The answer’s yes but that has nothing to do with whether the measures will be effective or that billions won’t be wasted.

Goofy of the Week

It has to be the most surprising, puzzling, outright ludicrous response to the fears over the novel corona virus.

Complete Show – March 14th

Mike talks about what could be the biggest financial story in your lifetime – and no one’s talking about it. We talk gold and silver with top analyst, David Morgan while Ozzie talks the impact on real estate of Friday’s surprise interest rate cut vs the corona scare.

Absolutely Missing The Big Picture

The markets are far more complicated than the headlines suggest – MoneyTalks predicted the timing of the dramatic change in direction and the contagion for one reason – we isolated the key variable – and no one’s talking about it.

The One Sure Thing About COVID-19 Reaction

Lots of questions remain about novel corona virus despite wall to wall media coverage but the only question about the economic and financial fall-out is will it go from bad to worse.