Mike's Spotlight

Mike is always happy to share some of the painful lessons he’s learned over the years, but Tyler Bollhorn has gone a step further and actually codified the processes that lead to bad decisions, and by the same token, what you need to do to make good investing choices. Join us for this fascinating conversation, plus Jason Weber on adding silver to your portfolio, a truly shocking stat and much more.
Starting right here at 8:30am pacific on Saturday April 23rd.

April 16th Show Now Available

Is it too late to make money in oil, copper and other commodities? One of the most celebrated market timers in the business, Mark Leibovit will surprise you with his answer. Tim Cestnick drops by with some timely tax tips. Plus a shocking escalation in the censorship battle.

Coming Up on Tomorrow’s Show

With tax deadline approaching we’re pleased to get our favourite expert Tim Cestnick back on the show, you’ll want to know about the latest changes announced in the recent federal budget. Plus metals with market timer of the year Mark Leibovit, Kyle Green on what to do with your mortgage and much more. Starting right here at 8:30am pacific time Saturday April 16th.

April 9th Episode

Buckle up – Mike on the mistake that never stops hurting.  Ozzie on the changes to real estate in the Federal Budget. Victor Adair on the former head of the New York Federal Reserve’s blunt warning about your stocks. And the fall-out from freezing the Truckers’ bank accounts in the goofy.

April 2nd Episode

The first realistic discussion on healthcare in 2 years. Paul Beatty’s GT Global was up 6% in March alone and says the opportunities due to the Russian sanctions promise more to come. Ozzie on the change in the mortgage market and a stat that will shock you on renewable energy.