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Guess Who Pays the Most

In carbon taxes, Canada Pension Plan, interest on the federal debt and pubic sector pension liabilities? Hint: They’re young, short and ill informed.

Complete Show – Jan 4th

Guest hosts Victor Adair and Drew Zimmerman welcome pension specialists Leo Kolivakis and MacroTourist analyst Kevin Muir to the show.

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Leo Kolivakis:   http://pensionpulse.blogspot.com/

Kevin Muir:   https://themacrotourist.com/

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Victor Adair and Drew Zimmerman: http://www.polarfuturesgroup.com/

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Michael Levy: https://www.bordergold.com/

Ozzie Jurock: https://jurock.com/

Michael Levy: A Quick Move on Oil

How will the US strikes on Baghdad affect the price of oil?

Michael Levy: Playing Politics with Ride Hailing and Peoples Lives

What happened to the promise of having ride hailing implemented in BC by the end of 2019? With a political debt to the taxi lobby there’s no reason to rush.

Is It Okay To Admit Some Good Things Happened in the Last Decade?

There’s more to the story in the last decade than pending climate catastrophe, increasing political divisions, white privilege, and pipelines.