Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – June 29th

Mike talks about cities that want to sue oil companies for climate change without first having a look in the mirror. The last time Patrick Ceresna was on MoneyTalks his main recommendation went up 50% – so what’s next.  Plus Ozzie on future trends that can make you money in real estate.

Public Educations Best Plan for Making Income Inequality Worse

Our graduating high school students can tell us all about what they’ve been told to think about the social justice agenda but with few exceptions, they don’t have a clue about even the basics of the work world that awaits them.

The Chinese Know Exactly What Our Price Is

So how much would they have to pay you to play nice with China’s totalitarian government and ignore the human rights abuses along with the fact that two innocent Canadians are rotting in a Chinese jail in pursuit of their global agenda.

The Tax Take Never Ends

After paying income tax, sales tax, gas taxes and a host of other taxes with what’s left over some people chose to buy a home. Be warned – big government advocates want a chunk of that too.

Look Who’s Asking For Taxpayer’s Money

There is no such thing as “government money” only taxpayers’ money.  And the line is long to get a piece.  Everyone seems to think – they get a chunk of dough, why not me?

Conventional Wisdom Says Higher Voter Turn-out is a Good Idea

But does getting people who are disengaged with little interest in the issues to vote really enhance democracy and strengthen our political decision making.