Interview of the Week

Feature Interview – Peter Grandich

The Wall Street Whiz Kid is back, and if you think current stock valuations are representative of the underlying fundamentals – he has a bridge to sell you.

Feature Interview – Is Gold Coming Back?

Eric Coffin, founder and editor of the Hard Rock Advisory Journal joins Mike to talk about the latest rise in precious metals.

Interview of the Week – Dr. James Thorne

A heavyweight among investment managers and strategists provides a fascinating view of what’s next for the investment markets.

The Legendary Mr. Jim Dines

We are very excited to kick-off the 2019 broadcast year with one of MoneyTalks all-time favourite analysts Jim Dines, founder of The Dines Letter. Famous for his Super-Major Bull Market calls over the last 40+ years, we are particularly happy to welcome Mr. Dines just after the publication of his 2019 Forecast Issue.

Mark Milke and “Ralph vs Rachel”

Analyst, author and political commentator Mark Milke joins Michael to discuss his new book, as well as what 2019 holds with elections in AB and federally.

A Warning from Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong’s Computer Model predicted the Trump Presidential win, the Brexit vote, the top in the bond market and Bitcoin as well as the bottom in stocks. After a crazy week in the markets, in an exclusive interview he outlines the coming danger and where you should put your money.