Interview of the Week

Complete Show – July 7th


Feature guest Aaron Dunn on income investments with a strong $US in mind. A Big Fat Idea on investing in energy efficiency, Ozzie, Victor and so, much more. Aaron Dunn interview starts at 19:24 mark.

Your Canada Day Special

It’s Canada Day but does anyone really care about foreign influence in our elections. Plus Don Vialoux talks about the most reliable investment trend in the months ahead.  Plus a shcoking stat that will make your head “swim.” 



The Wall Street Whiz Kid On Gold & the Markets

The legend Peter’s Grandich gives Michael his take on the overall environment that the markets are operating in


The Next Violent Major Move Up

The US dollar is bullish and you should expect a violent bull market move up well into 2019 – Victor Adair introduces Money Talks to a financial service he thinks is the best bang for the buck he’s ever had. In short Raoul Pal, a former hedge fund manager generates a constant stream of Macro Opinion augmented with short and medium term advice as well. 




Gunfight Breaks Out in the Tariff Corral

The bullets are flying after President Donald Trump’s $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, China’s fired back this morning with a $34 billion list of tarriffs on everything from soybeans to salmon. Victor interviews Michael Levy on the state of the Trade war, Tariffs & The Massive Problems They Cause

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Tariffs, Trade Wars & The Massive Problems They Cause

Mark Milke, a former senior fellow of the Fraser Institute talks to Michael Levy about the new Trump Trade War and the devastating consequences they can have