Interview of the Week

Feature Interview – Martin Armstrong

Live from Thailand Marty joins Michael for an extended conversation on the future of the financial markets, the world economy and geo-politics. A must-hear discussion.

Feature Interview – Peter Grandich

The Wall Street Whiz Kid returns to our show to suggest it might be the first time in decades to seriously consider a significant investment in gold stocks.

The Future of Battery Technology & Electric Vehicles

One of the most downloaded shows this season was Mike’s conversation with Dan Blondal on the future of battery technology. Dan joined Michael live from Santiago Chile on June 15th, 2019. ~ Ed.

Interview of the Week – Ryan Irvine

Keystone’s Ryan Irvine, one of Canada’s foremost stock pickers gives us two new recommendations for capital gains plus his thoughts on under explored areas of the market.

Interview of the Week – Danielle Park

Portfolio manager and best-selling author Danielle Park lays out the dangers for individual investors in today’s debt laden world.

Feature Interview – Peter Grandich

The Wall Street Whiz Kid is back, and if you think current stock valuations are representative of the underlying fundamentals – he has a bridge to sell you.