Interview of the Week

Feature Interview – Peter Grandich

The original Wall Street Whiz Kid joins Michael for a wide ranging interview on the trends he sees in the market, how he is playing the precious metals and a sector he is bullish on for the first time in his illustrious career.

Greg Weldon – Interview of the Week

Our favourite macro analyst was on fire for this feature conversation with Mike. This could be the most valuable 20 minutes you spend this year – for your investment portfolio and your understanding of the markets.

Feature Interview – Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong’s controversial views enrage some people but there’s no denying his exceptional record of forecasting major economic, financial and political events.

Get Your Portfolio Ready for a Contested US Election Result

Neil McIver joins Michael to share some insights into what could be a tumultuous market response if there is no clear winner in the US November election. Specific ideas for your investments and some additional help as well.

Frank Guistra – Interview of the Week (maybe the Year!)

Canadian investment and business icon, Frank Guistra on the consequences of massive spending and money creation. Plus his thoughts on how to play the commodity and precious metals sectors – and which markets to avoid entirely.

Where is the Smart Money Going in Tech?

Garibaldi Capital CEO Brent Holliday joined Michael to share his insights on the latest trends in tech, and more importantly, where investors should be looking.