Interview of the Week

Where is the Smart Money Going in Tech?

Garibaldi Capital CEO Brent Holliday joined Michael to share his insights on the latest trends in tech, and more importantly, where investors should be looking.

Interview of the Week – Peter Grandich

The original Wall Street Whiz Kid shares why he’s turned bearish after jumping back into the market March 12th – plus his thoughts on gold and uranium.

Oil Stocks – Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Josef Schachter of the Schachter Energy Report is Michael’s Interview of the Week. He gives his forecast for oil prices and talks about which stocks present the opportunity of a lifetime.

Market Timer of the Year – Live on Saturday

Congratulations to our good friend and contributor Mark Leibovit for being named Market Timer of the Year by Timers Digest. We couldn’t pass up the chance to have Mark join Michael live on the show this weekend. Mark will once again be a keynote speaker at the 2020 World Outlook Financial Conference and while he won’t be revealing any of his February Outlook forecasts, we’ll get the inside scoop on how he was so right in 2019 and a couple of stock picks too!

The Victim Cult

Author, columnist and policy analyst Mark Milke joins Mike to discuss his latest book and the implications for Canada.

How Does This Conference Help Your Investments AND Save You Money?

“There are things happening that I’ve never seen before, and that most economists have never seen before, and that most financial analysts have never seen before, and how do we quantify it?”
John Johnston, PhD
Chief Strategist, Davis Rae
Feb 1st, 2019