Interview of the Week

Interview of the Week – Neil McIver

Neil McIver on reducing you investment risk by avoiding these 4 mistakes he sees on a daily basis.

Luke Gromen’s Tree Ring Reports

“I invite you to subscribe to my Tree Rings report. As you’ll see, that’s a steal because…

  • It’s a compilation of critical data points that help sophisticated investors make better decisions with their money.
  • It’s not about value stock picks. It’s not about quick in and out trades. And it’s certainly not a clever disguise to sell you on some “must have” stock story of the day.
  • Better yet, there’s no fear mongering.
  • And best of all, there’s no hype.
  • In fact, subscribers tell me there’s nothing else like it” ~ Luke

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KeyStone’s Ryan Irvine & Aaron Dunn conduct their first live webinar 2021, detailing KeyStones’ Simple Portfolio Building Plan – designed to enrich you, not your advisor. They show investors how to save on fees, and focus on buying great businesses (stocks) designed to grow and pay dividends over the long-term.

 Starter Portfolio with 5-6 great growth and dividend stocks to buy today!
 Why buying only 2-3 great stocks in a lifetime can make a monumental difference to your financial wellbeing. Real examples include clients who invested $20,000 in Boyd Group that turned into $2 million in 12 years, and how those who invested $20,000 invested in XPEL that became over $700,000 in just three years.
 KeyStone’s Market Outlook: Are the markets cheap or expensive today? Get our take on both the bull and bear case of the market and how you should position your portfolio.

CLICK HERE for ticket options and more information

Webinar Dates & Times:
1. April 6th @ 7:00 pm Pacific / 10:00 pm Eastern.
2. April 13th @ 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern.
(also available on demand)

Interview of the Week – Yves Giroux, Parliamentary Budget Officer

Mike: Does it worry you that so much of the  federal government borrowing is short term – given that make us vulnerable to future rate increases.
Yves Giroux: The appetite in the market is simply not there. (ie no buyers for Cdn 30 yr bonds)
Listen to the entirety of the important interview

Feature Interview – Peter Grandich

The original Wall Street Whiz Kid joins Michael for a wide ranging interview on the trends he sees in the market, how he is playing the precious metals and a sector he is bullish on for the first time in his illustrious career.

Greg Weldon – Interview of the Week

Our favourite macro analyst was on fire for this feature conversation with Mike. This could be the most valuable 20 minutes you spend this year – for your investment portfolio and your understanding of the markets.