Hot Properties

Hot Properties: Calgary and Edmonton? Not yet.

Ozzie talks about the declines in Alberta’s top markets. He likes them but won’t pull the trigger quite yet. 

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Hot Properties: August Sales Numbers Are In!

Ozzie walks through the Vancouver area real estate sales numbers. Some areas up and some sharply down. One thing for certain, foreign buyers are leaving for greener pastures.

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Hot Properties: Hanging By A Thread

Michael asks Ozzie to bring up to date on the sudden collapse of the Vancouver real estate sales numbers, asking whether this is a violent bear market or a mere correction in an outstanding bullish trend. Ozzie also updates us on the opportunities south of the border where real estate is attractive.

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The Shocking Drop in Vancouver Real Estate

When we say volumes are down – think elevator falling from the 102nd floor down. Ozzie talks about what will turn this from a summer slowdown to a major route – and all the nasty problems that comes with it. 

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Don’t Buy That Dream Spot On The Island Until You Listen To This

Ozzie says if you’re thinking about that hot spot on a Gulf Island poke yourself with a sharp stick. There are definitely things to check out first. 

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