Hot Properties

The B.C. government is laying a brand new additional 15% tax on foreign buyers but they aren’t the only ones getting screwed. Ozzie talks about the biggest flaw in the new tax.

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The public’s been crying for government to “do” something about Vancouver’s high prices and the lack of affordability. In another installment of “be careful what you wish for” a leaked memo reveals the CRA is recruiting 50 new auditors, 20 GST and 15 other CRA staff but what does it mean for real estate investors

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Who Actually Impacts Housing Prices

Ozzie on the crux of a new report out on housing, where the money is coming from, a bizarre government plan as well as a new property search engine. Winds up with Ozzie’s hot properties.

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Ozzie shines a light on the changes that have been occurring in the Canadian and global real estate markets in the last month. In short, the real estate market has turned the corner and in many areas faces a potentially serious switch from straight up to a straight free-fall down

Real Estate: The Return of Realism

Ozzie notes that some of the high end real estate is beginning to stall, and big money names are getting bearish. Also two Hot Properties

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Capital hates uncertainty so will shift from the primary financial centre London to the safety the US Dollar and New York. These shifts will boost real estate in the NY Financial centre…. as well as in Canada