Don’t Tell Greta

08/02/2020 8:29 PM

Ellis Ross (@ellisbross) Tweeted: My First Nations band went from being one of the poorest to one that could contribute 300k to our local hospital to fight covid. All this from working with, not against, our resource sector. Its amazing not being beggers in our own...

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Goofy Award – Aug. 1st

08/02/2020 6:42 AM

The CBC undermines its claim to being non-partisan...again. Plus another elitist special - this time from the Health Minister. (Note: Please share this comment on Facebook and Twitter. If you know someone who would enjoy listening please recommend they visit our...

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Minneapolis Destroyed

07/31/2020 9:31 AM

Minneapolis’s 3rd Precinct, whose police station was burned down by rioters, reported 100 robberies and 20 carjackings in July... the current attacks on law enforcement, accompanied by demands to dismantle the city’s police department, threaten to make the city...

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Toronto Real Estate Prices Creating a Double Top?

07/30/2020 11:11 AM

Greater Toronto Area Market Update The Greater Toronto market has experienced a prolonged uptrend which has propelled prices up 127% since 2010. The aggregate average sales price had initially peaked in 2017 at $920K (125% Growth over 7 years), with June 2020...

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Where did the planes go?

07/30/2020 10:42 AM

Boeing’s miserable results and outlook yesterday will be reinforced by similar dire numbers from Airbus.  The US plane maker delivered a mere 20 aircraft in Q2.  Revenues from passenger plane sales tumbled 68% while income from service and maintenance nose-dived. It's...

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