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Physical gold is liquid, portable and totally controlled by the investor, not as a ‘promise to pay’ by a third party.  It can be bought in ounces or fraction of ounces, in bars or gold maple leafs and even in kilos for those investors who require much larger holdings.

With the U.S. continuing to add to their sovereign debt at an unprecedented rate, the importance of holding physical gold in an investment portfolio is mirroring the activities in the world debt markets.
As the U.S. budget deficit is now spiraling to a suggested $1.8 trillion this year, (Congressional Budget Office estimate), bringing the total U.S. debt to over 90% of GDP ($14 trillion debt at the end of this fiscal year to a $14.5 trillion GDP which is shrinking at a current rate of 6% annually), the value of the U.S. dollar, and for that matter all fiat or paper currencies have been brought into question.

The meltdown in global equity markets through last fall and again in March saw the value of gold rise in all currencies, and in fact protected those investors who held physical gold in their portfolios against the massive paper losses in other investments.  Equity markets down…price of gold up.  (In Canadian dollars gold rose to a record $1250 per ounce as the stock markets and investor confidence tanked).

Gold is doing what it should be doing…it is an insurance policy to protect one’s assets against just what is unfolding currently worldwide, and will continue to unfold as the portfolio savior for years or decades to come.

U.S. debt to GDP is forecast to go well over 100% in the years to come and with the massive borrowing and printing of money by not only the U.S. government, but also the governments of Europe, Canada and parts of Asia, underlines the fragility of holding all one’s wealth in paper currencies, stock certificates and gold proxies.  The investor must hold the physical gold…the real thing.

We see the eventual demise of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency as major investors, including sovereign nations and hedge funds, start to shy away from owning U.S. debt and start to funnel their funds to other currencies or in fact into gold itself.

It would not surprise that within 15-20 years with the unparalleled economic growth in China, they somehow will be involved with being the world’s reserve currency and with that, current indications are that China is also buying gold to backstop the value of their currency.  China could well be the largest holder of physical gold in the decades to come, outstripping both the U.S. and the IMF.
The bottom line is that the U.S. cannot possibly continue on the current path of creating paper assets and printed net worth without suffering the serious debasement of the U.S. dollar.   As the USD is debased…and it will happen…the price of gold will go up exponentially.

Our choice for clients is to hold one ounce Canadian gold maple leaf coins.  They are struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, are pure gold and are legal tender in Canada.

Border Gold is a market maker both selling and buying gold and silver bullion with our clients at current market rates.  Border Gold is the largest direct distributor of Gold Maple Leafs from the Royal Canadian Mint and buys more 1 ounce coins than any other dealer in Canada.

Owning gold may be your most important investment decision as the global economic morass continues to unfold.  Physical gold could well be the portfolio protection that will insure your assets for the coming difficult years.


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Michael L. Levy started in the gold and silver business in 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia and continues in this business today. He has a wealth of experience in these markets as well as being a financial expert in currencies and commodities. He and his traders are available to discuss many of the options of how and what to buy, as well as shipping anywhere in North America.

Private, secure, knowledgeable……all aspects of buying gold bullion that are important in these sensitive and volatile world markets. These are the hallmarks of Border Gold Corp.


President Barack Obama has promised a full accounting online of where his $787 stimulus package is spent and to expose to public ridicule anyone caught wasting taxpayer money. At a White House news conference in March, the president put it this way: “If we see money being misspent, we’re going to put a stop to it, and we will call it out and we will publicize it.” Unfortunately, the president’s deeds don’t match his words.

True transparency requires putting specific details of every government expenditure online, where citizens can review them and spot wasteful spending. Several states are already doing just that and finding that citizens and taxpayer groups make great watchdogs.

In Missouri last August, the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union (NTU), discovered more than $2.4 million spent for questionable purposes over the past eight years, including purchases from bakeries, beauty salons and women’s lingerie stores.

Thanks to NTU and Missouri’s willingness to put its expenses out for public review, we know that state officials spent $15,482.57 at Ann’s Bra Shop in St. Louis (expenses listed as “professional services” and “clothing supplies”). Government employees also spent more than $1.6 million at coffee shops, $387,210.14 at framing stores, $278,053.46 at florists and nurseries, and $70,849.02 at bakeries. Other dubious expenditures included $936.75 spent at The Corsage Shop in New Madrid, Mo., and $3,010 at the Westside Barber Shop (the disclosure forms didn’t indicate which of the several in the state).

After receiving thousands of letters from unhappy state residents, Republican Gov. Matt Blunt asked the state’s Office of Administration in August to review the expenditures. “This is exactly what we expected and envisioned when we created the MAP [Missouri Accountability Portal],” Mr. Blunt said in a statement. “Transparency and openness help root out wasteful spending and we welcome this scrutiny.”

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A Great Trader has a different point of view…

More and more strongly we believe that gold is “expensive” relative to agriculture, and especially so relative to the grains; hence we are long of DBA and we are short of GLD in equal dollar amounts, looking for the ratio to make its way toward 2.8:1 from 3.5.



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In the late 70’s, Mr. Gartman became the Chief Financial Futures Analyst for A.G. Becker & Company in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Gartman was an independent member of the Chicago Board of Trade, trading in treasury bond, treasury note and GNMA futures contracts. In the mid 80’s, Mr. Gartman moved to Virginia to run the futures brokerage operation for the Virginia National Bank, and in 1987 began producing The Gartman Letter on a full time basis. He continues to do so today.


A Thorough Analysis of Metals by one of Michael Campbell’s Favorites


“Michael Campbell:  “Greg Weldon is a regular guest on Money Talks because he is the most thorough analyst in the market today. His research is used by serious market students and investors alike. He is a must read for anyone interested in investments.” HERE to watch

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Tony Blair’s Britain. Where the foxes caper unmolested, the government packs your school lunch and the Ministry Of Silly Walks puts its foot down;

Larry Dewitt, Health and Safety adviser to the circus, believes that wearing clown shoes is “stupid” — especially in light of a Moscow State Circus clown who fell down and hurt his foot. The practice is therefore forbidden.

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals who found the blog post below and wrote the commentary above:

Clowns Forbidden to Wear Clown Shoes

The officious rodents responsible for forbidding every last aspect of life that they deem potentially harmful are having to look hard to find new menaces. In Britain, clowns have been told they can’t wear clown shoes, lest they trip and hurt themselves.

Larry Dewitt, Health and Safety adviser to the circus, believes that wearing clown shoes is “stupid” — especially in light of a Moscow State Circus clown who fell down and hurt his foot. The practice is therefore forbidden.

Formal legislation against clown shoes to follow.

Source of above comment HERE

Full story in the UK Telegraph HERE

The Last Gulag – Pictures from North Korea

Renowned documentary photographer Tomas van Houtryve entered North Korea by posing as a businessman looking to open a chocolate factory. Despite 24-hour surveillance by North Korean minders, he took arresting photographs of Pyongyang and its people—images rarely captured and even more rarely distributed in the West. They show stark glimmers of everyday life in the world’s last gulag.Speaking of Communism and how it works out so well…

In van Houtryve’s hotel room, propaganda played in an endless loop on the three TV channels. North Korean biographers, striving to make Kim his more revered father’s equal, insist a swallow foretold his birth and attribute a spate of superhuman characteristics to him – the ability to manipulate time among them. Defectors have described him as arthritic and illiterate.

Posing as a businessman looking to open a chocolate factory, documentary photographer Tomas van Houtryve visited North Korea. Despite 24-hour surveillance and the pointed reticence of North Koreans, he managed to take some photographs.


SHOP GIRL: This is shopping in North Korea. The clerk sits in the dark, unheated special store, waiting to turn on the lights for foreigners, the only permitted customers. “She’s wearing a ski jacket or parka; the rest of this time they’re sitting there with the lights off, freezing,” van Houtryve says. The goods—toys, televisions, and the like—are imported from China. The store only accepts euros.


UNEASY STREET: Van Houtryve arrived in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, during a normal work week in February. He found its main thoroughfare entirely empty. “Nobody’s out. No couples with babies, nobody taking a walk,” van Houtryve says. “You could wait 10 minutes before you ever saw a car.” Only a few old Mercedes—the exclusive privilege of top bureaucrats—cruise Pyongyang’s streets. North Korea has just a few hundred thousand cars for more than 20 million people. The country has only 1,000 miles of paved road.


EMERGENCY CAPITALISM: Two women work on an assembly line, packaging shirts by the American brand K-Swiss. “I imagine it’s illegal,” van Houtryve says. In Kaesong, the special economic zone on the southern border, South Korean companies hire North Korean workers at wages of $50 a month. The North Korean government allowed the zone’s creation after its near economic collapse and failure to prevent mass famine in the 1990s.


CULT OF PERSONALITY: In van Houtryve’s hotel room, propaganda played in an endless loop on the three TV channels. North Korean biographers, striving to make Kim his more revered father’s equal, insist a swallow foretold his birth and attribute a spate of superhuman characteristics to him—the ability to manipulate time among them. Defectors have described him as arthritic and illiterate.

….more pictures HERE at FP Foreign Policy

Hat tip to the Sleuth who found this remarkable article, David Thompson’s Blog article on Marxism.