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5 @ 5 – Mines & Money web panel

Three of the CEOs who were part of our commodity panels at the 2020 World Outlook Financial Conference will be participating in a Mines to Money web panel. Join in and hear what Jim Paterson of ValOre Metals, Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources and Darren Klinck of Bluestone Resources have to say about the market conditions now and for the future.
Thursday Apr 23 @ 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).
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Could Silver Soon See Its Day In The Sun?

Over the past few weeks and months, there have been seismic changes in the way people are thinking of markets – and the concept of markets – generally.

As evidenced by movements in the Federal Reserve’s sale and repurchase facility from last September, which has resulted in the TARP balance sheet reaching a record of $6,000bn and at a record rate of over $630bn/month since the year began, there are ‘issues’ with all markets – in as much as markets are markets with ‘monetary’ fiat.

The whole concept of ‘owning shares’ is being questioned by those who’ve been taught to remain braindead by generations and generations of ‘economics teachers.’ It’s in this context that metal futures – especially of gold and silver – are moving apart from other ‘securities.’ May silver returned a co-basis reading of +0.2% on 10th March 2020 – i.e. actionable backwardation – before falling to its current level –12.3%. This would ordinarily indicate a substantial move out of silver – and indeed silver’s ‘fiat price’ fell from $17/oz on 10th March to $12 by 19th March. It should be noted that over the same period, the Dow Jones Industrial average fell from 25,001 to 20,087 – ‘value’ never to be recovered, allowing for ebbs and flows…CLICK for complete article

Primed for PGM’s Perfect Storm?

This article is an interesting follow-up for anyone who heard ValOre (TSX:V-VO) CEO Jim Paterson on the radio with Michael last month. ~ Ed

It has all the makings of a perfect storm of opportunity, in spite of the recent onset of a long-awaited cyclical bear market for North America’s capital markets.

A surging market for platinum prices and other platinum group metals (PGMs) over the past several years is proving to be a godsent for the world’s handful of platinum miners. And as global demand for this “green” precious metal begins to outstrip supply, a new generation of aspiring PGM miners are starting to get the attention of prescient investors… CLICK for the complete article

The Federal Reserve’s One Last Hail Mary

Over the last few weeks, the Federal Reserve has been in utter desperation mode to try to revive and keep the American economy on life support. What many in the mainstream media have failed to include in this recent coronavirus economic narrative is that the virus was just the pin of one the biggest bubbles ever created, which we call the central bank bubble revolving around U.S sovereign bonds. Before we dive deep into this, let’s start with what the Fed has been doing to combat against the coronavirus and to keep markets alive for the time being. To begin, welcome back to the era of the printing press, but this time they have made it clear they will conduct “QE infinity” if this is a prolonged depression, which it will be….CLICK for complete article

Does Gold Still Have Some Room To Run?

In the 1960s, French politician Valéry d’Estaing complained that the United States enjoyed an “exorbitant privilege” due to the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. He had a point.

Because the dollar is the world’s currency, the US can borrow cheaper than it could otherwise (lower interest rates), US banks and companies can conveniently do cross-border business using their own currency, and when there is geopolitical tension, central banks and investors buy US Treasuries, keeping the dollar high and the United States insulated from the conflict. A government that borrows in a foreign currency can go bankrupt; not so when it borrows from abroad in its own currency ie. through foreign purchases of US Treasury bills….CLICK for complete article