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Brad Cooke’s Endeavour Silver Primer

We received a large number of requests, following Brad Cooke’s recent MoneyTalks radio appearance, for more information on his company and plans for the future. Brad has been kind enough to do a personal overview and analysis for our audience. ~ Ed.

Gold’s Shine Is Rather Dull Under COVID-19

Gold flew too close to the sun and got its wings singed, and now profit takers are going to punish it.  But while the likes of Steve Forbes (of Forbes media fame) insists that gold is going to remain our go-to safe haven in a time of coronavirus, no matter how hard the gold bugs hope, this isn’t going to be a story in which the precious metal shoots straight to the top.

Forbes’ take is this: “The trillions of dollars being spent to save our virus-battered economy are stoking fears of inflation. Gold has always been a hedge against the government’s economic blunders.” CLICK for complete article

Gold prices sees little reaction after U.S. Q1 GDP falls 4.8%

Despite some optimism at the start of the year, the U.S. economy saw weaker than expected economic activity in the first quarter of 2020 as the global economy was turned upside down to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Wednesday the first reading of U.S. Gross Domestic Product showed that the U.S. economic growth fell 4.8% in the first quarter. The data were weaker than…click for full article.

PGM Update – ValOre Metals

5 @ 5 – Mines & Money web panel

Three of the CEOs who were part of our commodity panels at the 2020 World Outlook Financial Conference will be participating in a Mines to Money web panel. Join in and hear what Jim Paterson of ValOre Metals, Chris Taylor of Great Bear Resources and Darren Klinck of Bluestone Resources have to say about the market conditions now and for the future.
Thursday Apr 23 @ 2:00pm Pacific (5:00pm Eastern).
CLICK to register ~Ed

Could Silver Soon See Its Day In The Sun?

Over the past few weeks and months, there have been seismic changes in the way people are thinking of markets – and the concept of markets – generally.

As evidenced by movements in the Federal Reserve’s sale and repurchase facility from last September, which has resulted in the TARP balance sheet reaching a record of $6,000bn and at a record rate of over $630bn/month since the year began, there are ‘issues’ with all markets – in as much as markets are markets with ‘monetary’ fiat.

The whole concept of ‘owning shares’ is being questioned by those who’ve been taught to remain braindead by generations and generations of ‘economics teachers.’ It’s in this context that metal futures – especially of gold and silver – are moving apart from other ‘securities.’ May silver returned a co-basis reading of +0.2% on 10th March 2020 – i.e. actionable backwardation – before falling to its current level –12.3%. This would ordinarily indicate a substantial move out of silver – and indeed silver’s ‘fiat price’ fell from $17/oz on 10th March to $12 by 19th March. It should be noted that over the same period, the Dow Jones Industrial average fell from 25,001 to 20,087 – ‘value’ never to be recovered, allowing for ebbs and flows…CLICK for complete article