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Peter Schiff – Safeguarding Your Portfolio By Investing Abroad

pschiffPeter Schiff and John Browne on the Global Market Forecast: 




John Browne Discusses the Global Market Forecast – August 22nd, 2014

Shocking Truth About The Missing U.S. & German Gold Hoards

shapeimage 22Today one of the most highly respected fund managers in Singapore takes King World News readers around the world on a shocking trip down the dangerous and secretive rabbit hole of the missing U.S. and German gold hoards.  Below is what Grant Williams, of Vulpes Precious Metals Fund, had to say in this fascinating interview.

Eric King:  “Grant, in yesterday’s KWN interview William Kaye was accusing the US government of using disinformation agents in the gold community to sell the ‘fairy tale’ that the United States still has its entire 8,100-ton gold hoard safely vaulted in the U.S.  He pointed out that Germany was supposed to get a tiny portion of its gold back (300 tons), which is allegedly safely stored in the U.S., and so far they have received only 5 tons and it wasn’t even the same gold Germany deposited.”

Williams:  “The German gold repatriation situation has been fascinating from Day 1 and continues to be.  I think the motives behind making that announcement have probably been overtaken by events.  From the moment Hugo Chavez repatriated the Venezuelan gold, I said this is the start of a game of musical chairs that is going to end very, very badly….

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