Goofy Award Winner

Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat and Goofy Award – July 3rd

Quote of the Week
Brilliant advice for students – and the rest of us – by 15 Harvard, Yale and Princeton professors summed up in just 3 words.

Shocking Stat
To borrow from JP Morgan – you can ignore the actions of the Communist Party of China – the problem is – they don’t ignore you – and it costs big money.

Goofy Award
Oh, those pesky “access to information” requests. When it comes to getting the vaccines -looks like the government’s been playing fast and lose with the truth.

Quote of the Week – June 26th

Many in the US media are starting to question the government and media’s communications during COVID – not so much in Canada.

Quote of the Week – June 19th

Props to Bill Maher for taking on the destructiveness of the “woke” mob who take it as an article of faith that no progress on races issues has been made.

Quote of the Week – May 29th

She said it over 60 years ago but Ayn Rand nails the change we’ve seen in the relationship between politics and the public in just 30 words.

Quote of the Week

What the cancel culture simply refuse to understand. Hint: they’re next.