Quote of the Week

Media Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In a remarkable repudiation of the importance of accuracy and facts – the Democrats rising start and self described Socialist says all is okay because she is morally right.

Who Cares What The Elites In Davos Say

3,000 of the world’s best and brightest (at least in their own minds) met this week in Davos, Switzerland but does anyone care? Guy Hands, founder and chairman of Terra Firma Capital Partners answers the question.

Future Historians Will Be Stumped

Bullying, social media shaming are just two of the tactics used by extremists to quiet opposition. The question is why do we let them get away with it.


The Stealth Revolution

Respected historian David Starkey talks about, “A generation brought up with no rules and no religion has lurched with quasi-religious fervour into a puritanical group-think where debate is stifled and difference of opinion cannot be tolerated.”

Quote of the Week

The Humboldt Bronco’s tragic accident was the Canadian Press story of the year. Canadians can go a long way to honouring the victims if we follow the Bronco’s Core Covenant.

What do Christmas and government deficits have in common?

American politician, writer, accountant, college professor, and lawyer, Richard Lamm explains in our seasonal quote of the week.