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The Limits of My Conservatism

The background for Mike’s Quote of the Week. Andrew Sullivan’s editorial from the New York magazine last week. ~Ed

….this, it strikes me, is one core divide on the right: between those who see the social, cultural, and demographic changes of the last few decades as requiring an assault and reversal, and those who seek to reform its excesses, manage its unintended consequences, but otherwise live with it. Anton is a reactionary; I’m a conservative. I’m older than Anton but am obviously far more comfortable in a multicultural world, and see many of the changes of the last few decades as welcome and overdue: the triumph of women in education and the workplace; the integration of gays and lesbians; the emergence of a thriving black middle class; the relaxation of sexual repression; the growing interdependence of Western democracies; the pushback against male sexual harassment and assault….

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Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & Goofy Award

Quote of the Week – One of The Best Quotes I’ve Read In a Long Time

So what’s missing from our public debates – including the one raging right now over the banning of UBC and The Vancouver Public Library? One of the most respected gay rights advocates answers the question.

Shocking Stat – Your Test Question, Especially if You’re Concerned Abut CO2 Emissions

Okay, which produces more CO2 emissions – online porn or the Alberta oil sands? Message to climate alarmists – it’s not close.

Goofy Award – The Climate Hypocrites Are Back

The A-list is at it again. This time in Sicily – 114 private jets needed to get to the island to solve the Climate emergency at the Google fest. What a joke.

Quote of the Week

A California high school valedictorian goes off script to the shock of the teachers and administration and to the cheers of her fellow students.

Quote of the Week

The diversity industry has some explaining to do in light of the results of the Scripps Spelling Bee.

Quote of the Week

Famed economist, Thomas Sowell laments the negative impact of teaching children advocacy over facts.

Quote of the Week – Leading Climate Advocate Says Renewables Are Not The Answer

James Hansen, Al Gore’s climate advisor and the scientist who many credit with starting the global warming crusade in 1988 – says believing that renewables can solve our energy problem is like believing in the tooth fairy.