Mike's Daily Comment

Our kids 1st day of school in an Education system that hasn’t kept up with rapid innovation and violent change. But heads up, a new curriculum offers hope….

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out”  H. L. Mencken – Today Michael takes Mencken one step further….

Despite the barrage of declarations on the campaign trail that Government will create more jobs, don’t believe it. Here’s why….

Wild action in the markets & its time to seize huge opportunities, avoid calamitous errors. Michael on what he’s doing with his own money in stocks, Oil, forecasts interest rates, rescession….. 

Michael discovers what amounts to vast right wing conspiracy theory thinking that has infiltrated the NDP out there on the campaign trail….

The Government of Alberta is getting into huge financial trouble. Its more than just falling Oil prices and previous Goverment overspending. Premier Rachel Notely’s current and coming decisons are set to strangle Alberta’s economy