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Buying Time: Increasing taxes is deflationary, which dramatically raises the probability of another Debt Crisis. Europe’s debt problem has not gone away


One of the Greatest Loads of Manure pedaled by chest thumping Progressives that regularly goes unchallenged, is they care about….


Naomi Klein is about to pound the living daylights out of anyone who makes an income in order to sell her book…. er, I mean save the climate.


You Are About To Be Held Upside Down & Shaken Until ALL Your Money Falls Out. 100’s of Municipal Politicians are meeting in Whistler…..


And It’s Just The Beginning

“Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room.” Michael addresses the beginning of a “generational war of major proportions”…..


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Climate Change Ranks Last in Public Concern

Politics first Science second is the reason that Climate Change, despite the massive campaign by celebrities, media & Big Environment has no credibility….