Mike's Daily Comment

Election Campaigns – It seems like the entire political industry took Kim Campbell’s observation to heart when she said “Election Campaigns are no time to discuss complicated issues”

Jobs that haven’t been invented yet – An Australian study concluded that 65% of pre-school children will be working in jobs that haven’t been invented yet. That raises the question of what we should be teaching our children

Michael breaks down the ever-increasing power of the central banks and the implications of continuing low interest rates to Canadians.

My spiking BS meter. If governments can create economic growth and jobs – why haven’t they?

Do Canadians Care that a 290 billion dollar budget it is a billion in deficit or a billion in surplus. Do they care that the money is spent efficiently. That taxpayers are a priority…..

The Popularity of Austerity – All this talk about austerity in Government spending when in fact Governments are increasing spending. That money has to come from one of two places, the taxpayer or borrowing. Austerity for taxpayers or future generations