Mike’s Midweek Comment

Michael explains the nuts and bolts of the biggest financial story of the year, what’s happening with the fascinating Chinese currency devaluation that has had major implications for the entire world 

Buyers With Money Are Spending – Buying Vancouver Real Estate. Despite Chinese devaluations and stock market crashes Chinese buyers are leading the charge……

Its Time To Pay Attention – The Chinese Currency Devaluation has the potential to disrupt markets and the economy as much as the sub-prime mortgage crisis, or any major crisis in recent history

A Question – What’s going on Globally is far more serious than we seem to appreciate. The big one?  The Chinese Central Bank devalued their currency by 2% which sent Stock Markets around the world reeling

The Worlds second largest economy triggers a WorldWide financial earthquake. It was a big surprise this morning when China’s Central Bank acted, and the effects will reach you, your neighbor and everyone in Canada…..

How To Increase Productivity – As the Federal Election gets into its second week, there is lots of talk about economics and finance. Make no mistake……