Goofy Award Winner

Two Halloween Goofy’s Plus One Cash For Access

Michael starts with a double header, can you believe the University of Florida is offering 24 hr counseling for people “upset” by halloween costumes plus a bias team for those unhappy with any form of racism. Also, big news on Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s pay for play dinner. 

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5 best halloween costumes for 2016

Special Goofy – Trudeau’s Belief of Progressive Superiority

The real problem with the progressive left is that they think everyone else is stupid. Trudeau is being forced to swallow this worst misstep so far. Oops, that’s gotta hurt


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trudeau prayer 201605191

Goofy: Tax Break Vitally Needed

Talk is so absolutely critical to economic prosperity the Trudeau Liberals are actually going to give it a tax break. Taxpayers can be heard weeping uncontrollably AND laughing hysterically at this one!

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Stephen Harper’s Resignation Proves To Be No Fun for Academics

Who says there’s no bias in academics. Canadian Studies profs are so lost without the former PM that they’re holding a conference to discuss what to do next.

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Goofy – Would You Spend You’re Own Money Like This?

Why’s it’s so easy to spot government waste and misspending? ‘Cuz it happens all the time. This single example illustrates the disrespect for taxpayer contributions.

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