Goofy Award Winner

This Weeks Goofy: Its a Competition Between Mike & Justin

There were two candidates for this weeks Goofy, Michael himself as well as  Justin Trudeau speaking off the cuff in Sherbrooke Quebec. Guess who won?

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This Weeks Narcissistic Goofy Award

It was a “narcissist daily double” as two self-important Hollywood celebrities outdo themselves this week as they, by virtue of being actors, tell us all what we need to be doing and media gang up with them.

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Making Everything In Canada Free

This weeks goofy: With the unusually cold weather in Vancouver it has been announced that anyone can go a Fire Hall and get free salt. The motivation in many Canadian cities is to make virtually everything free, which if nothing else makes politicians look good.

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Established to Mutilate the Truth

This weeks Goofy involves the Democratic Party, The Russians and the CIA. Apparently citizens in the US are being asked to trust an organization whose operatives are hired for their skill at deception.

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CIA - msm - main stream media control

This Weeks Bizarre Goofy

It was a choice between a French Minister in charge of tax evasion going to jail for….tax evasion. Ultimately though, Donald Trump won. 

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