Mike's Daily Comment

Hijacking The Issues – guaranteeing a heaping helping of tortured logic, erroneous statements and unproven causal relationships. Two examples…….

Taking Lessons From Europe. It is a major mistake not to be paying attention to what is going on in Europe. On the investment side…..

What is the Question? Vancouver’s referendum on increasing sales taxes to fund a new transit program reveals a potent public mistrust of the current organizations management…….

March 18 – A Year Later Aaaand??? Mike takes a fresh look on the anniversary of the Portland Hotel “lavish spending to help the poor” scandal……

The BS Award! Somehow there is no shortage of people who believe that Government can control the economy. Yet not one Politcal Party or Government predicted the massive technological changes that dramatically changed the economy, from social networking to fracking to 3D printing…..

The Facts on Minimum Wage