Mike’s Big Fat Idea

Mike’s Big Fat Idea

This week 3 key reasons why it’s a buying opportunity in Global Mining Companies. From Brent Woyat of Canaccord Genuity.

…also Michael’s Weekend Editorial: Evidence & Research – A Stake Through the Heart of Idealogues

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Selling Shovels To Gold Miners

Colin Bowkett of Venturewerx has produced some great successes in recent recommendations comes up with a new recommendation. A profitable company involved in servicing the 100 Billion Dollar the anti-body based drug sector.

…also Michael’s Featured Guest: Mark Leibovit: The Next Big Upswing


The Biggest Mistake Investors Make

In this weeks Big Fat Idea, Neil McIver on the importance of rebalancing your portfolio so that you don’t hold assets that are too much alike. The goal being to reduce risk and reinstate the original asset mix by taking profits in areas that have been rising in a bull market.

….also Michael’s: Shocking Stat: European Bureaucratic Monster Eats Britain Alive

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Mining the Baby Boomers Wealth

Rick Bekkering of P.I Financial’s Big Fat Idea takes advantage of the baby boomer generation’s money and their love for Rock Music.

…also: Hot Properties: Good News For Alberta

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Canadian Dollar Trouble

In this weeks Big Fat Idea Drew Zimmerman of P.I Financial outlines the great risk for some, and great opportunity for others of a drop in the Canadian to the 68 cent level. His interesting reasoning also includes interest rate differentials between the US & Canada.

…also Michael’s Weekend Editorial: There Are No Warren Buffets In Government