Mike's Daily Comment

If We’re Serious About Poverty

Until we figure out that poverty is an economic issue with serious social consequences, progress is next to impossible.

President Trump Finally Admits An Economic Biggee

But what about in Canada? After over 30 years of being wrong it might be expecting too much for his protectionist soulmates to admit the obvious.

Ride Sharing Without the Savings

Actually it’s not Uber at all given the BC government is legislating that ride sharing companies can NOT lower fares below the minimum charged by the taxi companies. To borrow from Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi – “no savings for you.”

An Inconvenient Truth on Oil

Pardon the Al Gore like cliche but if big oil manipulates prices like the anti-corporate crowd suggests then why have they let prices dive by over 50% for the last five years.

In Memoriam – Robert Zurrer

Hard to believe it has been an entire year since we lost our good friend and colleague Robbie Zurrer. We miss you buddy.

Please enjoy this wonderful Lives Lived story that was published in the Globe & Mail last year:

Rob was fearless, always willing to try anything reckless repeatedly. He indulged in high-risk passions such as car racing, hang gliding, bull riding and motorcycling, along with the more conventional risky sports of downhill and water skiing. His daredevil nature formed the background of his ability and chutzpah to identify opportunities for businesses and, years later, gave him the confidence to have his malfunctioning kidney replaced in Pakistan. CLICK for the complete article

Complete Show – August 17th

We can stop the vitriolic back and forth – you either care about the Ethics Commissioner report or you don’t. Meanwhile James Thorne talk about what you should do in a world with Hong Kong on the brink and de-globalization taking centre stage. Plus a truly shocking stat on corruption in Quebec and SNC Lavalin.