Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – August 3rd

Mike talks about the creepiness of using children in the political wars. John Johnston drops by to talk interest rates, the cost of borrowing and what’s next for stocks.  Meanwhile Ozzie chimes in the “bottom” in real estate. And the shocking stat will really shock you.


In The Age Of Trigger Warnings – Here’s Mine

Every time I hear another apologist for a human rights abusing, murdering dictator I need a “safe space.” What’s your trigger?

Talk About Missing The Big Picture

For most of the media it’s all Trump, all the time but that misses the bigger story. Whether we’re talking the Democratic Party in the US, Labour in the UK or the Yellow Vests in France the rise in extremism rivals anything on Trump’s scorecard.

Treat Yourself To One of The Great Thinkers of Our Time

I get a chuckle thinking of leading lights of big government debating the Nobel Prize winner, Milton Friedman. If it was a prize fight it wouldn’t last a round. Today is the birthday of who many call the greatest economist of the last 100 years.

Canadians Love The EU’s High Taxes and Over Regulation

Which is why so many have trouble even entertaining the thought that the UK could be better off outside the 40,000 plus EU Acts that cost $47 billion a year to comply let alone the EU’s 62,000 international standards.

Who Cares About Deficits

Maybe our children should. After all they’re the ones who are going to pay for them but in the meantime – it’s full speed ahead on borrowing and spending in good times and bad.