Mike's Daily Comment

You’re Paying More for CPP – And Getting Less

Get ready folks, the folks who manage the most under-funded pension in the country (The federal civil service), will be coming after your money, especially if you are self-employed or running a small business.

The #1 Barrier to Finding Solutions to our Biggest Problems

How would purposely misleading or outright lying work out in your personal relationships or your business? It would be a disaster – so why do we think it will work out differently in politics?


Complete Show – Dec 29th

Mike talks about the astounding attempts by government to derail two of Canada’s most important industries while public policy analyst and author, Mark Milke talks about the biggest political/economic story of the year – landlocked Alberta oil. Plus Ozzie Jurock on the biggest real estate story of 2018 and Mike gives out the Goofy of the Year.

Ride Share and Green Hypocrisy

There are a lot of ads floating around reminding people to be responsible and not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  With these ads burning holes in our ears, why is the government pushing so set against ride sharing and the clear benefits to public safety?

Why is Government Slow to Change?

How anyone can even entertain the thought that old approaches and attitudes are the key to meeting today’s challenges is astounding yet that’s the norm.  And it’s the reason governments are so slow to change.

Business Charitable Giving Makes a Huge Difference

People come together at this time of the year to help out and contribute to the community. And while it is popular to bash businesses these days, their contributions are significant and should be recognized.