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The Faulty Rationale For SNC Lavalin Avoiding Criminal Conviction

According to those arguing that SNC Lavalin should be held to a different standard of justice is that it’s too big to fail, which suggests that the construction work would disappear so no other firms would pick it up and highly skilled workers couldn’t get another job – which is nonsense.  And besides, the most likely outcome of a criminal conviction is that the firm would taken over.

Why You Should Have Alternative/Private Assets In Your Portfolio

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The Renewable Revolution Has A Lithium Problem

As the global middle class rapidly expands, so too does the worldwide demand for energy and its subsequent carbon footprint. Global climate change will be one of the greatest, if not the single greatest, challenges of this next century, and one of the few feasible solutions that is generally agreed upon by scientists and politicians alike is a wide-scale transition from the use of traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy resources….CLICK for complete article

We Don’t Need Solar And Wind To Save The Climate — And It’s A Good Thing, Too

For 30 years, experts have claimed that humankind needs to switch to solar and wind energy to address climate change. But do we really?

Consider the fact that, while no nation has created a near-zero carbon electricity supply out of solar and wind, the only successful efforts to create near-zero carbon electricity supplies didn’t require solar or wind whatsoever.

As such solar and wind aren’t just insufficient, they are also unnecessary for solving climate change.

That turns out to be a good thing….CLICK for complete article

Strong ‘Apex’ Release Continues To Boost EA Shares, Sell-Side Has Mixed Reaction

Electronic Arts Inc. is enjoying a strong rebound thanks to a successful launch of its new “Apex Legends” battle royale game with hopes of competing with “Fortnite.” But analysts had mixed opinions Monday on if and how much the game will boost EA investors’ fortunes.

Gaming industry enthusiasts are excited about the free-to-play “Apex Legends” games, which brought in 1 million players in its first eight hours and 10 million in just three days. The company hopes the game may finally be the one that challenges the massively successful “Fortnite” for player eyeballs. And investors seem to think it’s good news, with EA stock moving higher Monday….CLICK for complete article

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