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Gold Trend Bullish – Short and Long Term

Gold’s current strength is driven primarily on the short-term weakness in the $US and this short-term trend will likely continue until mid/late January, when we could see the effects of a Repo crisis start to affect all markets. We will be watching the next month very closely and subscribers can expect Flash Reports should things start to unravel. Investors need to understand that although gold does act as a safe-haven play it is usually the $US where the first wave of safe-haven capital flows to.

While gold and the $US typically move inverse to each other (gold up when $US down, gold down when $US up), there are times when gold…click here for full article.

The Most Important Question To Ask About 2019

There are big changes coming to the major trends that have dominated finance and politics for the last 10 years – but when? The answer to this question holds the key to the answer.

It’s the Most Important Economic Lesson To Learn

What do Boxing Day and economics have in common? Just about everything, according to the author of the mega best seller, Freakonomics, Steven Levitt.

MoneyTalks Person of the Year

Don’t expect the usual parade of politicians, big talkers and celebrities. We honour Canadians who actually do something.

How Clean Is Natural Gas?

When former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said in 2013 that the natural gas boom was helping America fight climate change, not everyone was convinced, with methane leaks cited as cause for concern. As it turns out, those concerns might be warranted, according to new research that takes a lot of the green out of our precious natural gas.

“My look at the evidence to date suggests that this [methane leaks] in no way eliminates the significant advantage of gas over coal for CO2 emissions,” Moniz insisted.

Fast-forward to 2019 where research from Stanford University found that the surge in natural gas use in many parts of the world has helped to drive carbon emissions to a record-high over the last two years. Now, we’re on track to break this record and this, according to the Stanford researchers, is because of gas.

On the face of it, all looks good.

Coal use is falling in all the major emitters—the United States, China, and the European Union—and renewables use is rising. Along with it, natural gas use is rising, too. The closer look taken by researchers at natural gas, however, shows that growth in its consumption globally was responsible for 60 percent of carbon emissions growth in the last few years…CLICK for complete article

CPM Group Sees Precious Metals Prices Rising in 2020

Jeffrey Christian is one of the precious metals analysts that my team and I follow. This forecast is a must-read for investors in the sector – and more importantly – for investors considering adding precious metals to their portfolios in 2020. ~ Bradford Cooke, CEO Endeavour Silver

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