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Double Dipping MSP Premiums

BC’s NDP government will be collecting the new health tax from businesses while individuals STILL pay MSP in 2019 PLUS increases to property taxes are coming to pay that tax. And there’s more…

What Are You Doing to Help Your Finances in 2019?

One thing we can count on in the coming year is that all levels of government will be taking more of your money by way of taxes, fees and levies. So what are you doing to improve your finances knowing the government won’t be?

Mark Milke and “Ralph vs Rachel”

Analyst, author and political commentator Mark Milke joins Michael to discuss his new book, as well as what 2019 holds with elections in AB and federally.

What Is Government Thinking?

Call it astounding, shocking, incompetent – despite rising deficits, unfunded pension liabilities and escalating healthcare costs, Canadian governments have focused on derailing two of Canada’s most important industries resulting in major job and revenue losses.

Complete Show – Dec 22nd

For the first time ever we broadcast Michael’s incredibly popular How to Trade Currencies show, recorded in Calgary with Victor Adair and Jack Crooks. Previously only available to subscribers at moneytalks.net, you’ll hear the secrets of the currency markets, what they can tell you about all your other investments and how you can make money trading!