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Feature Interview – Is Gold Coming Back?

Eric Coffin, founder and editor of the Hard Rock Advisory Journal joins Mike to talk about the latest rise in precious metals.

It should be no surprise that when governments throw money at a company or industry jobs can be protected or created but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have done far more if spent elsewhere – including leaving it in taxpayers’ pockets.


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IBM Prepares Blockchain Platform For Mining Sector

Blockchain is a notable buzzword, and while the technology is being rapidly adopted by many industries, the mining sector has been criticized for staying stuck on old models.

Miners are explorers to the core, so why are they under exploring blockchain? Blockchain is still a baby in mining, and a topical issue, as specialists weigh the possible risks and opportunities Click here for full article.

You’d Better Check-out The “Green Dream” of the Future

No planes, no cars or trucks – say goodbye to trains and every other petroleum fueled mode of transportation – as the US goes 100% fossil free in the next 11 years under The Green New Deal presented by leading Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  But that not all – money and housing for people “unwilling or unable to work” as extremism goes mainstream.