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Posted by Michael Campbell

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Let me get straight to the point. If you had attended the World Outlook Financial Conference last year and acted on the advice you would have made money on almost every single investment recommended. Here’s just a few examples.

We recommended Viemed Healthcare at $2.41 at the WOFC – today it trades at $5.30…up 119%.

Photon Control Inc – recommended at .62 cents at the WOFC  – today 1.17 …up 98%

Boyd Group – recommended at the WOFC at $61– today $119…up 95% – (Boyd was first recommended at under $20 at the 2013 Outlook Conference.)

Sylogist – recommended at the WOFC at $8.60 – today $13.62… up 58%

The official WOFC Small Cap Portfolio was up 66%. Incredible but let me make perfectly clear that doesn’t happen every year. However, in the 10 years since we released the first WOFC portfolio it has never failed to deliver double digit gains.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results but I like our chances given that I choose our speakers based on their track record. And on that score the group of headliners – including the incredible Martin Armstrong, Keystone Financial’s Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn, BP Global’s Paul Beatty, Timers Digest Market Timer of the Year, Mark Lebovit, and Josef Schachter – is the best you’ll get to see anywhere.  I appreciate that’s a bold statement but their results speak for themselves.

I have to add that the results I just mentioned don’t include the incredible profits in the marijuana sector, which was first recommended by Mark Leibovit and Jim Dines at the World Outlook in 2014 – over three years before virtually anyone else in the business.  People who acted on the advice and invested in the marijuana sector anytime between 2014 and 2016 made an absolute killing.

By the way, this year’s conference will have a special session on cannabis and where to invest as we enter the second phase after legalization.

One More Thing

Martin Armstrong, who the Wall Street Journal calls the highest paid financial advisor in the world; the man whose computer model correctly predicted Brexit, the Trump’s victory, the precise date of the high in the NASDAQ, S&P, and Dow this year; is now calling for a panic cycle to begin just days before the conference with big things coming in March and May in the build-up for what he calls “The Trade of the Century.”

What’s coming in March and May and what does he mean by “trade of the century?”  Everyone at the Conference is going to find out from the man whose usual clients are governments and sovereign wealth funds. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet I urge you to join us. If you can’t attend in person I highly recommend subscribing to the streaming video archive.


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