HYPERINFLATION Calls are so Wrong – Its DEFLATION in Your Future

Posted by Mike Shedlock Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

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All of the hyperinflation calls have been missed by a mile. The dollar is strengthening, consumer credit is once again sinking, and treasury yields just made 60-year lows.

  • This is what happens when you fail to take into consideration:
  • Credit conditions Global economic conditions
  • Printing by other central banks especially China
  • Currency instability in Europe
  • Untenable situation in Japan

Every time the US dollar ticks lower, commodity prices tick higher, or the CPI rises two tenths of a percent, hyperinflationists come out of the woodwork with nonsensical predictions and silly comparisons to Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany.

Given that the US dollar recently fell to the lower end of its trading range, hyperinflationists once again came forth with their message of impending doom.
….read why calls for Hyperinflation are so far off HERE and

(Ed Note: You can scroll down to the Headline “Alternate Nonsense” to get right to the Hyperinflation/Deflation argument). Mish’s Global Economic Analysis has an even deeper study HERE