Why Dollarama’s (TSX:DOL) Stock Price Beat the TSX Index by 94% in March

Posted by Karen Thomas

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The Dollarama (TSX:DOL) stock price outperformed the TSX in March, as the company navigated its way through the coronavirus crisis.

All eyes were on developments related to the coronavirus. Societies are attempting to lessen the human toll of this virus by taking measures that were unimaginable only a few months ago. As the realities of social distancing and isolation became increasingly clear, the economic fallout also become crystal clear.

For Dollarama, the fallout is not as severe as it is for many. Dollarama has essential business status, and, as such, the hit to the company’s financials has been manageable.

This was reflected in Dollarama’s stock price outperformance in March, when it beat the TSX by 94%. At the time of writing, Dollarama’s stock price fell 10% year to date. This also compares very favourably to the TSX Index’s year-to-date performance of a loss of 20%…CLICK for complete article