When Fear-Mongering Fails!

Posted by Chris Rossini

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6358402551031417651118703309 SUDDEN-FEAR MAIN1520Fear is the go-to emotion that government preys upon. It’s so reliable. The fear of the unknown causes most individuals to give away and sacrifice every liberty that they were naturally born with. A population that is perpetually afraid ultimately ends up fearing liberty itself! 

Government’s sales pitch is that you need them. It is they who will protect you from a never-ending carousel of fears.

Off course that’s not even remotely true, but truth is not necessary for an aggrandizement of power to take place. Just look at the TSA for example. It has been shown over and over again to be nothing more than security theatre, yet it’s still there making American lives miserable.

Government has nothing of its own. It produces nothing. Everything that it has it must take from its victims by force. A pipeline of fear stands readily available to them with excuses to justify their theft. Fear is the currency used in the exchange of liberty for power.

Thankfully, we have just witnessed an historic moment. British citizens have voted to leave the European Union!

A gigantic lesson can be learned from this event. It proves that fear-mongering has its limits. It’s not fool-proof.

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The stunning Brexit vote isn’t about politics. It’s a reflection of the economic & financial change that’s bringing down the EU. The first major domino to tumble in the unwinding of globalization /political corruption / protectionism / endless regulation. Bigger dominos are teetering as the phenomenon sweeps the globe. Don’t miss Michael Campbell’s A Major Domino Tumbles