SPECIAL OFFER – Weldon LIVE 2016 Outlook

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Part I – It’s Deja Vu All Over Again
Profiting from the Global Currency Wars
Focuses on the continued and intensifying global currency war. We shine the spotlight on the 26 currencies which made new all-time lows against the USD last year … and offer an examination of the prospects for a continued rally in the USD on the back of Fed tightening in 2016. And of course, we offer some specific trading strategies for the first half of 2016.
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Part II – Time to Rise and Shine?
Gold, Precious Metal and Mining shares in 2016
Offers a MOST timely focus on Gold, the Precious Metals Mining shares and the Junior Gold Mining ETF, with an eye on the potential for a deflationary wave in the US stock market to generate a shift in the psychology attached to the Fed’s forecast for future rate hikes … which in turn might cap the appreciation in the US currency, providing fertile ground for a bottom to be established in Precious Metals.  
And, we provide specific trading strategies involving an aggressive Long-Only, Leveraged Precious Metals Managed Accounts Program offered by Greg Weldon, as well as a look at the Junior Gold Mining ETF and several individual Gold and Silver mining shares
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Part III – It’s Hot in Here
How to profit from El Nino
Greg examines the potential for a rally in Agricultural and Tropical commodities on the back of the continued El Nino situation. We examine the data from NASA and NOAA, and the impact on global weather patterns, and how that may cultivate a bullish shift in the top-down fundamental supply-demand dynamic in several specific commodities. We examine the commodities markets most likely to potentially benefit from the most severe El Nino conditions in almost twenty-years.
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