WARNING: We Are Going To Be Living In An Incredibly Chaotic World

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King-World-News-If-This-Is-True-We-Will-Be-Living-In-An-Incredibly-Chaotic-And-Unstable-World-864x400 c

King-World-News-If-This-Is-True-We-Will-Be-Living-In-An-Incredibly-Chaotic-And-Unstable-World-864x400 cAs the monetary madness continues, some of what you will read below is difficult to comprehend because it seems totally unimaginable.

If you have the power to print money, you’ll do it. Regardless of any ideologies or statements, that you should limit your counterfeit operations to three percent a year as the Friedmanites want to do. Basically you print it. You find reasons for it, you save banks, you save people, whatever, there are lot of reasons to print.” — Murray N. Rothbard

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