Unemployment, Tapering, Rates & Their Effect on Markets

Posted by Michael Campbell - Money Talks Show

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imagesMichael’s Money Talks Show for December 7th.

Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks Show December 7th (First 1/2 Hour) starts withh Michael’s commentary where he elaborates on the major disagreement he has with who he thinks some days “is with the majority of people”.  


The Final Hour begins with Michael interviewing Robert Levy about Friday’s Unemployment Rate in the US, how it is constructed, how accurate it is, whether it will nudge interest rates higher and the effect that it will all have on Gold, the Canadian Dollar as well as other markets.

For the primary interview Michael interviews Martin Murenbeeld, Chief Economist of Dundee Wealth, an interesting economist in Michael’s opinion about whether that more positive Unemployment Statistic will finally be the trigger for the Fed to begin tapering. Whether they are likely to reduce the amount of Bonds they are buying each month from the current 85 Billion to what, will it be a light touch to 75 Billion month, a firmer one to 50 Billion a month? What would happen to markets and interest rates it they were much more aggressive and reduced that monthy Bond buying to 25 Billion, 10 Billion….possibly even 0 per month? Bottom line Michael and Martin analyse the current interest rates, whats likely to happen and where those rates are likely headed in the near future. Michael also has his take your breath away head shaking “Shocking Statistic” of the week as well as this weeks Goofy award which Michael thinks will bring on the real “we don’t like you very much” hate mail. Ozzie Jurock has a warning for you as well as offering some real do’s and don’ts if you are thinking about purchasing a ski related property. Victor Adair also answers some of Michaels questions about the markets in this jam packed final hour of this weeks Money Talks.