Two Stocks That Have Something Happening

Posted by Tyler Bollhorn - StockScores

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perspectives header weekly

perspectives header weekly

In this week’s issue:

  • Weekly Commentary
  • Strategy of the Week
  • Stocks That Meet The Featured Strategy

perspectives commentary

– Stockscores’ Market Minutes Video – The Importance of Abnormal Volume
– Stockscores Trader Training – Stockscores Video Party
– Stock Features of the Week – Catalysts

Stockscores Market Minutes Video – The Importance of Abnormal Volume
Beating the market requires finding stocks that are trading on their own story, these stocks are called Alpha stocks. One of the important keys to finding Alpha is a focus on stocks trading abnormal volume. This week, Tyler explains this concept before providing his regular weekly market analysis.

Click here to watch this week’s Market Minutes, The Importance of Abnormal Activity

Stockscores Trader Training – Video Party
This week I focus on videos of some of my recent webinars. Grab some popcorn and watch the videos below: 

First, I take you on a tour of the tools offered at See the Market Scan, learn how to adjust chart settings and much more.

Click here to view “The Stockscores Tour”

Active trading with the Stockscores Approach can be day trading with the exit before the close or less active swing trading with stocks that are held for a few days. In this webinar, I highlight the similarities and differences between my approach to day and swing trading.

Click here to view “Day Trading vs. Swing Trading”

The Stockscores Market Scan tool and strategies are efficient and effective ways to find stocks for your investment portfolio. In this webinar, I show how this tool works and the daily and weekly processes I use to find promising stocks.

Click here to view “The Stockscores Approach to Investing”

Finally, this webinar video highlights the tools and processes used to actively trade the stock market using the Stockscores strategies. If you have ever thought about making trading a full or part time occupation, this webinar should not be missed. I show what I do each trading day to find and execute my short term trades.

Click here to watch “The Stockscores Approach to Active Trading”

perspectives strategy

When I find a stock that is trading abnormally and has a decent chart pattern, I look in to the company story to see if there are catalysts for speculation. I want to know if the company has something happening that will make people want to buy it for future news. An oil company that is drilling, a software company with a new release, a biotech company in FDA testing – these are catalysts that will make investors buy for the dream of big news in the future.

I don’t have to be around for the news because the market is very good at moving up before the news comes out, giving a good trade without the company ever proving it has the goods.

This week, I share with you two stocks that I featured to the readers of my daily newsletter last week which have good charts and catalysts for speculation:

perspectives stocksthatmeet

1. V.GPH
The company says it has the largest graphite deposit in the US which could be very valuable since graphite is an important component in the kind of batteries that Tesla will produce in their new Gigafactory being constructed in Nevada. Company is doing a drilling program to prove up the resource right now. Stock traded very abnormal volume last week and has been moving higher. Support at $0.14.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.19.07 AM

this maker of audio systems has invested in a competitor to GoPro’s personal camera called 360fly which will be launching their new 360 degree view camera very soon. Stock broke out of an optimistic chart pattern and has been moving higher since. Support at $9.95.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.18.01 AM



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