Top 3 Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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1. The Week Begins On A Scary Note

    by John Rubino –

The US markets awoke to news of several big, disturbing overseas events. Stock markets around the world were spooked by these and other stories….

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2.  Jim Rogers: Oil Ignoring Bad News Usually Means a Rebound Is Near

  • Rogers sees decline in U.S. output helping stabilize prices
  • Investor also sees opportunities in agricultural commodities

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wave13.  Marc Faber: The Kondratieff is a Price Cycle and Interest Rates follow The Kondratieff very closely

Faber covers it all: from commodities and China to the outlook on inflation, the Euro and gold. According to him the global economy is not healing. To the contrary, we might find ourselves back into recession within six months or a year.