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Posted by simon Black - Sovereign Man

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1. Governments Are Flat Broke – Protect Your Money

    by Simon Black 

One of the major themes of this daily e-letter is that major western governments are flat broke.

This is not the first time that a major world power has gone bankrupt, and we need only to look to history to see the consequences.

Thousands of years ago, as Rome’s bleak financial condition deteriorated, it didn’t create a crisis all at once.

 ….read it all HERE

2. Why Everyone Has It Wrong About Yellen’s Next Move

   by Bill Bonner

(leftists, socialists, Democrats) want lots of little handouts (rightists, Wall Streeters, Republicans) want fewer but bigger ones. 

All the loot comes from the voters – who willingly give up both their money and their liberty believing that, somehow, they are better off for it. 

But the real winner is the Deep State. It usually controls the candidates… and continues to gain power and resources, no matter which side wins.

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36546543. Extreme Leverage in a Gold Futures Market Nearing the Breaking Point

   by Clint Siegner

Maybe, at last, the gold shorts are getting nervous about the extraordinary leverage in the futures markets. Coverage continues to decline. Recent reports show 325 paper ounces in open interest for each ounce of registered physical stock. HERE