Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold & Silver

Posted by Zerohedge via Peter Grandich

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content Top 10 - Greed Fear

content Top 10 - Greed FearAs Mike “Hidden Secrets Of Money” Maloney has said many times before, the economic crisis of 2008 was only a speed bump on the way to the main event.  He believes that before the end of this decade there will be an economic crisis so historic that it will eclipse the crash of 29 and the subsequent great depression.  He also believes it is both unavoidable and inevitable, because it is merely the free market releasing the stored up energy from decades of economic manipulation. As Maolney notes, “the best investment that you will ever make in your lifetime is your own financial education,” and the following provides a succinct reminder of the top reasons to buy gold and silver

So here you go… a countdown of “The Top Ten Reasons That I Buy Gold And Silver.”

Ed Note: Great article with good visuals, for example the picture above is from number 5: