The Specter of Rising U.S. Interest Rates

Posted by Market Oracle

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images-1We are at the doorstep of a major USTreasury Bond breakdown. The TNX (10-year bond yield) is at the 3.0% doorstep, as 3.5% looms very likely in the coming months. A horrible threat of a 3.7% target is presented in the chart. A rising trend is seen in many characteristics that cannot be easily dimissed. The following graphic is an extremely powerful chart, thus the center piece of the article. If and when the breakout comes, it will make the Taper Talk backfire seem rather insignificant, as a gathering storm will hit like a financial hurricane on every continent. The Jackass is on record with a forecast of 3.5%, which remains in place. One must be patient to watch it unfold, since it can take months to unfold and to manifest itself. That is far more time than the nitwits who are quick to label it a wrong forecast call. But then again they are are loud unimpressive dullards who litter the audience, taking up valuable space.

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