Time to Evict the ZOMBIES?

Posted by Martin Straith, Trend Disruptors by The Trend Letter

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The average human life span is clearly on the increase, with the United Nations predicting there will be 3.7 million people over 100 (centenarians) by the year 2050.  Many developed countries are reporting more supercentenarians every year, they being people over the age of 110.  Since 1900 the average human life expectancy has risen from 31 years to 72 years, more than a twofold increase.  The oldest of all is in Japan – Kane Tanaka at 117 years old.  Japan is a standout country for supercentenarians, having well over 100 of them.  Given the increasing average life expectancy over the last century, and the development of life saving and life prolonging technology, is there truly a finite upper limit on how long a human can live?  There are some who claim that there are people alive today who could reach the age of…Click for complete article.