This “Unstoppable Trend” Is Good for (Another) Double

Posted by Keith Fitz-Gerald's Total Wealth

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TW-total-world-populationI’d like to share a Demographics trade that is unique for three reasons:

  1. It’s the closest thing many investors will see to a “home run” in their investing lifetimes. That’s because the global variables driving it are irreversibly locked into place. In fact, I think this investment I’m about to show you could easily double from here.
  2. The biggest money on the planet is involved – more than $5.3 trillion a day – so with this trade, you’re going with the tide rather than against it. (To give you some perspective, the world’s equity markets trade less than $300 billion a day… so, roughly speaking, we’re talking about a trend that’s 16.7x bigger than the total transaction volume for every stock on the planet combined. )
  3. And finally, it’s backed by a government that refuses to lose.


I thought you might be… let’s get started.

Trend #1: Demographics

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