This Time It’s Different

Posted by Lance Roberts: The X Factor Report

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As the markets are propelled higher by the successive interventions of the Federal Reserve it is hard not to think that the current rise will continue indefinitely. The most common belief is currently that even if the Fed begins to “taper” their purchases the resurgence of economic growth will continue to propel stocks higher even in the face of higher interest rates. The financial world has finally achieved a “utopian” state where there is no longer investment risk in any asset class -because if it stumbles the central banks of the world will be there to catch them.

However, a quick look at history tells us that this time is not really different. In March of 2008 I was giving a seminar discussing why we had already likely entered into a recession and that a market swoon of mass proportions was approaching. While the advice fell on deaf ears as we were in a “Goldilocks” economy, and “subprime” was contained, the bubble ended just a few short months later as it was no “different” then versus any other time in history, or, even now.

The slide below was from the presentation:


Of course, the next time I make this presentation I will have to add “Central Bank Interventions” to the list.
The reality is that markets cycle from peaks to troughs as excesses built up during the up cycle are liquidated. The chart below shows the secular cycles of the market going back to 1871 adjusted for inflation.
This time is not different. The excesses being built up in the markets today will eventually be reverted just as they have been at every other peak in market history.

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