The Top Three Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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image0011. Loonie Road Kill

Because Canada relies on exports of commodities the multi-year decline in the prices of metals, minerals, natural gas and oil wrecked havoc on the Canadian dollar under the Conservatives.  

A Federal Liberal win in Canada’s last election ensured the ‘loonie’ will be crushed further.

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2. 5 Stocks For 2016 With 6%+ Dividends & 10%+ Upside

Many closed-end funds are now trading at double-digit discounts to their net asset values (NAVs). Doubleline Capital founder and famed bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach recently told CNBC that buying a fund trading at a 15-20% discount is “sort of a no-brainer.”

Reason being, you’re getting $1 worth of assets for just 80 or 85 cents.

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3. Princely Finance and Taxation

    by Bob Hoye of Institutional Investors

Continuing promises by Chairman Reckless to use the “printing press”, “helicopters” and more recently “bazookas” to inflate anything should be considered startling only in the resort to honesty.

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